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We're experienced professional journalists, designers and corporate communications pros led by Margot Lester. Our focus is high-quality and high-value brand journalism, strategy and operations consulting and invididual coaching/team training.  

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69% of The Word Factory's business is from repeat customers.

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Our business is creating big and positive impact for yours. With 25+ years in the business, we've earned our chops and use that expertise and experience to deliver quality content, results-getting consulting and transformational coaching to you.

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Content Marketing

Everybody needs quality content. We provide words and images for everyone from global brands to local start-ups so they can inform and educate, drive sales, build loyalty and trust, and boost performance. Let us help with one-off projects, campaigns or special initiatives.


We advise brands, media companies and executives on solving complex content operations issues, improving individual and team performance and streamlining processes. We work in all industries with a focus on healthcare, media and financial services/insurance.


If you want to become a more efficient, influential and effective communicator, and you want to have fun doing it, our founder, Margot Lester, is the coach you want in your corner. Learn strategies and techniques to be a better writer from the woman who literally co-wrote the book.

Training & Workshops

Our training recharges creative teams, upgrades employee skills, trains new hires and level-sets recently formed workgroups. We share proven and easy-to-implement strategies to increase output, drive engagement, create with empathy, elevate quality and accelerate cycle times. 

Speaking & Emceeing

I deliver perspectives, inspiration, how-to advice and operational insights in a high-energy engaging style. I can carry a solo presentation or keynote and contribute to panel discussions. I'm also an effective facilitator and emcee. Book me for your conference, webinar, panel or board meeting. 

Social Good

 Mobilizing supporters, educating the public and shaping the debate require concise and directed communication. Let us help your nonprofit or advocacy group tell its story and connect with crucial stakeholders and influencers to advance your cause with content or training.

Don't Take Our Word For It

I've worked with Margot and The Word Factory for a number of years while employed for four different brands and on countless projects. Her team has excelled at written articles, infographics and interactive quizzes, and she proactively brings ideas to the table acting as an extension of the team.

Norma Gaffin

Director of Communications & Content Marketing, BlueSnap; former Content and Social Manager, Philips Lifeline

Margot is an innovator. She has a keen eye for what's interesting, and an ability to make it even more interesting.

Steve Eisenstadt

Content Director, Offleash; former VP, Brodeur Worldwide

Writing about Medicare and the IRS

Check out the articles on Medicare and the IRS that Margot wrote for Forbes Advisor.

Tools for youth climate advocacy

Tools to help youth climate advocates capture the power of their ideas to move people to action

Word study: Retronym

Remember how excited I got when I discovered contronyms?! That ebullience is back, baby! Last night, I learned another cool term: retronym*. (Hat tip to Kory Stamper's excellent Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries.) *“retronym,”

Improve time management with this one tip

You cant manage your time if you don't know how much time you need to do your job. I show you how to estimate your time so you can manage it better!

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