Mid-term update on 3 words

Earlier this year, I wrote down 3 words to guide me for this year. Here's a progress report:

1. Partner

Team up with other vendors to develop new lines of business, make new connections and take advantage of bigger opportunities.

Progress: Launched a new side project called Past Forward, writing personal memoirs and institutional histories. We've had a steady run of clients and have gotten some good leads off ads. I also started working with a new designer in town, Tremayne Cryer, to do some ebooks and other projects that are enabling us both to develop new business. We also collaborated to create this cool mark to show people that not all of North Carolina opposes gay marriage, or any couple living together without being married:

™ 2012 TWF/TTMS, Inc. & Tremayne Company. All rights reserved.

2. Leverage

Use opportunities (particularly via volunteer work) to field test or adapt business ideas, develop new relationships and support goals.

Progress: I successfully evolved a workshop on advocacy developed for my volunteer work and parlayed it into a paid speaking gig. The accompanying writing for advocacy slide deck was chosen for SlideShare's home page and so far almost 2,000 people have viewed it. (Still working on how to leverage that!). I also expanded my blog series on audience engagement into a workshop and ebook (in production now!), and landed two gigs to present it later this fall at North American and state-wide conferences.

3. Create

Tap back into fun non-work projects to work to spark creativity.

Progress: Though I'm thrilled with the results of my standing desk and new pillows, I haven't been as successful at creating as I want to be. I have made a skirt and done more cooking, but the truth is I can do more on this item and am committing to make that happen this month.


I'm also recommitting to some things I started last year that have had a noticeable impact in both my professional and personal lives: mindfulness and Big Project Friday.

Progress: This has been a mixed bag. I’ve been hit and miss on both of these and am committing today to put more effort into protecting my time for meditation and my Fridays. That's the day I'm trying to set aside to work on longer-term, high-value opportunities not related to our current work plan.

How about you?

How are your 2012 goals coming? How can I help you meet them?