Even if your official planning for next year is done, there are some quick things you can to do improve performance in the New Year that don’t require additional budget. This is the second in the series. Here's the first: Make a content marketing mission statement.

Content Marketing Planning Task 2: Share intel to improve relevance

Here’s a tidbit from the B2C Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America Report that I think also applies to B2B content:

I know a lot of marketing departments put a lot of energy in targeting their content, but I don’t often see much—if any—of that customer intelligence trickling down to the actual writers and other content developers. And that’s a mistake.

It’s crucial to share audience personae information beyond the decision-makers right down to the writers/producers. Not doing that puts your content creators—and the content they produce—at a disadvantage.

Helping content creators know the audience

Sharing audience profiles down the line is the key to getting the maximum resonance and engagement. Content developers like knowing who we’re writing to along with the feelings, thoughts and actions the content should elicit. It helps us focus our ideas, word choice and voice—three critical components for effective engagement. Giving us enough background makes it more likely we’ll deliver what you want, reducing time spent revising content. Better content in less time? What’s not to like?

We use the People-Information-Goals Strategy to make sure audience personae, values, needs and questions/objections are conveyed to everyone in the content creation process. If you want to do a deeper dive into audience personae, you can add specific demo/psychographic information, along with user stories. Download information on using the PIG.

Your action item: Revise assignment processes so vital audience information is provided to content creators.

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