There's still time to create worthy content for Women's History Month. Here are a few blog topics from our content editors:.

The hero image for this post is my personal hero, my grandmother Memory Lee Aldridge Lester, one of the first women's high school basketball coaches in Tennessee. That's her in the middle of the back row with her 1918-1919 squad. She was pregnant with my dad at the time.

Women's History Month blog topics

Blog Topic #1: Highlight groundbreaking women-identifying people in your industry or specialty area.

It's tempting to grab the first people you find by Googling. Dig a little deeper to find some of the less-heralded. To ensure diversity, do specific research on BIPOC and LBTQ history-makers.

Example: Margot profiled a group of trailblazers in cinematography (the piece started out as a female-focused piece and was later expanded).

Blog Topic #2: Showcase female-identifying colleagues.

Do short interviews with employees, clients and customers past and present who have or are making history. Or make it a community project, by profiling the woman-identifying leader of a non-profit you or your organization supports. Bonus points if you add some visual content, like a video or slideshow.

Blog Topic #3: Explore an issue cogent to your business that involves or impacts women.

There are so many issues important to women that it shouldn't be hard to find one that intersects with your product, service or brand. How controversial an issue you choose is up to you. For instance, we just passed Equal Pay Day, which is really White Women's Equal Pay Day. If your organization practices pay equity, this could be an effective topic.

Example: Here's a white paper on HR 5050, the Women's Business Ownership Act of 1988, we researched and wrote for NAWBO.

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