Things may be slow for you in the last few weeks of the year. And after the disruption of 2020, nobody would blame you if you just wanted to put your feet up and slide right out of 2020. But if you'd like to stay somewhat busy, here are three light-weight, high-impact tasks you can accomplish in the closing weeks:

  1. Optimize web content. Take a peek at your annual and seasonal Google Analytics data and identify your top- and worst-performing pages. (Don't use Google Analytics? Use this time to get set up so you can learn in 2021.) These are terrific candidates for historical optimization -- refresh to keep them performing well and/or give them an additional boost. Check out these historical optimization tips.
  2. Identify potential pillar pages. Do you have pillar pages that dive deep into your specialties and core services? Look for opportunities to create comprehensive content on these topics to support organic search and self-service on your site. Already have all the pillars you need? Awesome! Revise the copy to make it even stronger!
  3. Diversify images. If your site is begging for a #sowhite hashtag, invest the time to increase the representation in your photos. A great resource is CreateHER Stock Photography. (The hero image above is from their collection.)

Want to chat about these tasks or other things you've got going on as we close out the year? Schedule a 15-minute quick consult!