Updated October 2022

While we hurtle toward the end of the year, our thoughts may be on tax planning, staffing contingencies and closing the books. But the fourth quarter is also a great time to focus on some content initiatives that you may have overlooked during the year. These tasks will set you up for a stronger digital presence (and all that brings with it) in the new year.

Here are three light-weight, high-impact tasks you can accomplish in the closing weeks:

  1. Optimize web content. Take a peek at your annual and seasonal Google Analytics data to identify your top- and worst-performing pages. (Don't use Google Analytics? Use this time to get set up!) These superlatives are terrific candidates for historical optimization. Why? Even our best-performing pages can be made better with some strategic copy revisions and updated links. Those small changes might even improve search rank. And those less-popular posts? If they're related to high-value or high-ranking topics, they're worth giving another chance to rank. Revise them with an eye toward updated keywords and internal links, especially to and from pillar pages and high-performing posts. Check out these tips for updating old blog posts.
  2. Identify potential pillar pages. Do you have pillar pages that dive deep into your specialties and core services? If not, now's the time to look for opportunities to create comprehensive content on these topics to support organic search and self-service on your site. Already have all the pillars you need? Awesome! Evaluate them to make sure they're still serving you, then give them a solid revision pass, too. Then see if there are new topics deserving of their own pillars and get those assigned for Q1.
  3. Diversify images. If your site is begging for a #sowhite hashtag, invest the time to increase the representation in your photos. A great resource is CreateHER Stock Photography.

Don't have the internal bandwidth to execute these tasks? We can help. Check out our historical optimization services.

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