A recent survey from Corporate Visions discovered that 80% of B2B marketing and sales professionals found content to be the biggest challenge. According to a Marketing Profs report on the results last week:

"Asked to identify the single most important factor hampering successful demand generation campaigns, a plurality (37%) cite content that 'isn't engaging or provocative', whereas 31% cite a lack of sales and marketing alignment, and 12% cite budget constraints. Some 9% of B2B professionals say they don't have enough content."

Sound familiar? If your content marketing is fizzling like the San Diego fireworks display, check out these tools and tips we've developed to address three of these confounding situations.

1. How to make content more engaging

We've got a five-part series full of easy-to-execute techniques for creating more engaging and relevant content. Check out our audience engagement packet, or read the first installment.

2. How to align align content with marketing/sales.

Here's a quick and manageable 3-step process to help you align your content marketing with the sales and promotional cycles.

3. How to generate more content.

Feeding the beast is challenging. Here's are some posts that will help you develop a more efficient and productive content operation so you can create more faster. Or you can just outsource the extra assignments to our team of experienced content developers and strategists.