Why we don't respond to surveys

1. We don't think we have time.

2. We don't know why we should respond or how the information will be used.

3. We don't feel our identities are protected, which is really important if you want honest feedback.

How to get more survey responses

1. Be specific: Take the survey yourself to figure out how long it actually takes to complete. This can be your subject line/call to action: "Please take this 4-minute, 3-question survey".

2. Establish value/purpose: Make the case for why I should take the survey. How will it help me? How will it help you? How will it help the world? Tie this back to the enterprise's key messages or mission/vision to add relevance. And, if it's true, tell them you'll share the survey results with them.

3. Assure anonymity: Confirm that your system doesn't reveal email addresses. If it doesn't, assure respondents that our comments are anonymous unless we choose to share our identities. If your system's transparent, say so. And then start shopping for one that allows anonymity (most do, BTW).

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