We just finished a large copyrighting and editing project for a new wedding/destination magazine client in Florida. We're frequently hired as contract editors -- usually for someone taking a medical or maternity leave. But sometimes, like this one, it's a new magazine trying to get established and the lean-and-mean budget situation made outsourcing particularly appealing.

This was a true team effort with Steve handling fact-checking (and there was plenty!) and our consumer specialist Carolyn Evans taking on product reviews. I was the ring-mistress, managing consistency of tone and style, and providing input on the editorial direction. Thanks to my friend Ava Barlow for taking the great photo that will accompany my editor's letter (and seen here).

This is the kind of project we love -- one that allows team members to do what they do best, and helps the client meet its goals for quality and cost. We get to put our rules and roles process to good use.

After six weeks, we probably know enough about the Florida Gulf Coast to offer travel services. But we'll leave that to our expert travel agent, Arik Anderson at Executive Travel Center, who always gets us where we need to go.