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We're seasoned journalists & communicators.

For three decades, we made our bones producing quality writing that engages, informs and doing it on deadline.   

We understand business.

Our founder grew up in a family business and our team has worked for Fortune Global 500 companies and start-ups, so we understand the enterprise and how contents supports operations and drives revenues. We're a certified woman-owned business and a SAM-certified federal contractor.

Meet Our Team

Margot Lester, CEO, The Word Factory
Peter Andersen of The Word Factory

Margot Lester

CEO, Strategist, Coach & Editor-in-Chief

I've been working in journalism since high school and in content marketing since we called it custom publishing. When I’m not slinging words, I run our newsroom, manage client relationships and coach professionals who want to communicate better. My work also includes consulting with start-ups and Fortune 100 companies on communications and content strategy, workflow optimization and talent management/development. I've got three award-winning books to my name, including Be a Better Writer. I do a lot of advocacy work, too, especially around voting, health equity and environmental education. Fun facts: I'm certified in Wilderness & Remote First Aid and Interpretative Guiding -- and I'm a Tar Heel born and bred.

Peter Andersen

Lead Editor, Writer & Trainer/Coach

 I’ve been writing since I was a kid. In my professional life I’ve worked as a journalist, writing teacher, newspaper editor, freelancer, and technical writer. I spent 20 crazy years at Microsoft writing and producing software manuals in English and dozens of other languages. These days I focus on creating brand journalism, screenplays and my upcoming collection of essays, Damn Good Things. At The Word Factory: Pete covers technology, cybersecurity, parenting and sandwich-generation issues; edits projects; and provides coaching and training. Fun fact: Margot and I -- and  and two other friends -- once took an epic trip to Cuba.

Ben Hippen MD - The Word Factaory
The Word Factory's Design Guru, Marc Borzelleca

Ben Hippen, MD

Healthcare & Health Sciences Editor

My career includes professional experience as a composer, songwriter, software developer, and emergency physician. Along the way I’ve had experience writing long- and short-form fiction, nonfiction, blogs, poetry, lyrics and software. I’ve lived in the rural heartland, the urban coasts and the Horn of Africa. Since retiring from medicine I’ve been devoting my time to writing and editing (both prose and music). At The Word Factory: Ben reviews all our health, wellness and medical content for accuracy and voice. He's also our resident expert on all things social, holding certificates in Social Media Marketing and Advanced Social Advertising from the HootSuite Academy. Fun fact: My favorite backpack has been with me to six continents; we still haven't gotten to Antarctica.

Marc Borzelleca

Art Director, Designer, Style Guru

I've been working in the design industry for quite a long time, designing everything from logos and corporate branding to product and package design. From 2d to 3d, large to small, corporate to funky, I've created them all. My goal is to make the world a more attractive place, one design at a time. Learn more about my approach to design and see my workAt The Word Factory: Marc designs everything from meaty ebooks to beautiful infographics. He also designed the icon set based on our logo. Fun fact: Margot & I met in Hollywood and volunteered together at ArtShare L.A.

We're so white.

We know.

Despite all the white faces on this page, we really are committed to diversity, inclusion and racial justice. 

Read our statement on social justice and our pledge to be anti-racist and more inclusive.

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