One of my favorite things is teaching others to write more persuasively to advocate for the things they care most about. This weekend, I'm taking my show on the road to the North Carolina AIDS Action Network's annual conference, Building Power Across the Spectrum, in Charlotte, NC. It's an annual gig I love for an organization that shares my values around equity and support for people living with HIV and their family members.

Here's the slide deck:

First slide of Margot Lester's writing for advocacy slide deck on The Word Factory blog
Click to download the slides.

Get the worksheet Writing for Advocacy Using the People-Ideas-Goals Strategy

Side Note:

My grandmother, Memory Lee Aldridge Lester, was an amazing storyteller and I like to think of myself as an acorn that didn't fall far from her tree. My "energetic" style was captured by the event photographer last year and made it onto the hold the date card for this year's event. That's me there in the lower left corner. Don't ask me what I was talking about in that particular moment!

Margot being demonstrative on the NCAAN conference mailer

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