Some days you just can't beat the variety that's inherent in our line of work. Today, for instance, I'm interviewing an expert on entrepreneuship, one of the nation's leading rabies researchers and Albert Hughes, half of the directing team behing Menace II Society and Dead Presidents.

Of course, not every day is this exciting. Later this week, I'll be up to my elbows in a research project. A couple dozen interviews asking the same questions over and over. Poring over data embedded in spreadsheets. Reviewing articles on the subject. Spotting trends. Writing a report. Not the most scintillating work, to be sure. But precisely the background our client needs to embark (or not) on a large marketing initiative.

What I like about our company is that we can do this range of work. We've worked hard to become strong interviewers and accurate reporters. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell stories in a variety of forms and media. We're effective pitch-writers and -makers. We've even got two solid designers. And, yes, a couple of us here are crack researchers, as well. Not everyone on our team is good at all these things, and some of us are more effective at a particular form or task than others. But as a team, we've got most of the bases covered.