Revising is where the action is. Yesterday, I showed you how to write better reports with the What-Why-How Strategy©. Today, let's look at how we can use that same planning strategy to revise our content. That's right, one strategy, two great uses in the content development process. Talk about efficiency and bang for your buck!

Revising content with the What-Why-How

Read over your draft and see what you think needs work, or have a co-worker tell you where you need to shore it up (you might want to give them some guidance on how to do that). Then map that to this handy diagram. Heck, you could even print this out and tape it to your wall if you've got a load of reports or other content to generate.

Click image for larger view.

Spending a little time deliberately trying to make your content stronger can only pay dividends. Your content will be more relevant, effective and engaging -- and isn't that what we're going doing all this writing for in the first place? Yes. Yes, it is!