Here's an example of fantastic writing from Allan Sloan, Fortune's editor at large:

How Washington is Destroying the Economy

Even if the topic doesn't grab you, I encourage you to read the piece. Why? Because it's full of great writing techniques.

  • The ideas are solid, regardless of your ideology, and there's enough detail for the reader to decide for themselves without needing a degree in economics.
  • The voice is crystal clear. Though it's completely authoritative, there's plenty of personality in this piece shown via turns of phrase and sentence fluency. That makes it a fun read -- for real. Even if you hate politics and economics.
  • There's a clear set of recommendations for addressing some of the biggest economic challenges facing our country.
  • It's part rant, part policy brief -- a hard-to-pull-off technique that's incredibly effective when it's done right. And Sloan really does it right.
  • It appeals to people on both sides of the aisle without pandering or watering down -- another tricky technique.

There's a lot to learn about writing from this piece. Study it carefully and you'll find some techniques you can deploy in your own work.

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