Updated December 2023

Gaffes are common. Effective and authentic apologies for those miscues are not. But Janelle Monáe recently offered a concise, genuine mea culpa that serves as a good model for any of us.

A screen grab of Janelle Monae's twitter apology illustrating a post about authentic mea culpas by Margot Lester for The Word Factory blog.

What's good about this apology?

  • It's concise and written in plain language.
  • It's truthful and very self-aware.
  • It sounds like the other tweets on her timeline, not like some stock come to Jesus for public consumption.
  • It attempts to make things even righter by offering information on how to improve access to voting, the topic of her initial problematic tweet.

Bookmark this post for the next time you're in need of a model apology.

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