A new IDC report shows the power of word of mouth marketing when it comes to making the decision to buy.

Most Influential Information Source When Making Purchase Decisions According to US B2B Professionals, March 2015 (% of respondents)

Thanks to eMarketer for the great chart.

According to the data, two out of five B2B pros (38 percent) said they were most influenced at purchasing time by colleagues and others in their professional networks. The next-most influential sources were industry experts (22 percent), internal influencers (16 percent), and vendor-supplied content (14 percent). Download the full report from Pardot.

To me, this data shows how important it is for B2B marketers to deliver content to current clients and advocates because that's where they get the information they share with others.

Action Steps:

  • Make sure you know who this key audience group is and where its members go for information.
  • Create and distribute content that's relevant and shareable.
  • Post easily discoverable content that supports the various stages of the buy-cycle, so when prospects are referred to you by their influencers, the information needed to move forward is easy to find and use.

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