Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure enjoyed our time in Seattle! Today we're back in KCMo. Steve and I are doing some consulting at the Kauffman Foundation this week.

Here's what else is going on:

SOURCES NEEDED: I'm working three stories that require a handful of experts. Please send all queries to me:

1. How to survive the skeleton crew: I need real people who've worked in under-staffed situtaions because of layoffs/downsizings to share their "survival" tips. Send contact information and a short tip. For Monster.com

2. Resume length: I'm looking for HR pros to weigh in on whether it's better to have a one-page resume vs. any length that sells you. Please send a brief description of your view for consideration. Questions will follow. For Monster.com

3. Washington, DC, architecture: I'm looking for architecticural projects underway or completed since 2007 in the District to feature in the February issue of Architect. No private residences, please. Especially interested in public-private projects and those located in "revitalization" areas. Send a brief description.

In other activities:

● Carolyn and I file our market research projects for the Kauffman Foundation tomorrow.

● Steve posts another National Journal commentary today.

● I'm wrapping up my feature on news photographers for the International Cinematographers Guild.

● Carolyn and I will finish the rabies/tetanus press kit for our biotech client this week. Then we start on the media research.

That's all for now. Y'all have a great week!