Let's revisit the most-read posts from Q3. As ever, thanks for finding value in what we do.

an illustrated laptop next to the words "use more visual verbs and fewer weak ones"

Writing improvement tip: deploy visual verbs

"Verbs! Yeah. That's what's happening." Ok, if you're young, you probably have no idea what just happened. Whatever. This post, which got the most views this quarter, outlines one easy way to boost writing quality just by paying more attention to your verbs. Give it a try.

a hand-drawn dollar sign next to the words "Asking for work doesn't signal desperation. It signals smarts, opportunity and proactiveness."

How to be a better rainmaker

Not surprised this one was popular given all the uncertainty and layoffs. After 30 years in business, which included several recessions including the Great One, I've got some thoughts.

A woman laughing next to a text block "how to use humor at work without slipping on the metaphorical banana peel)

Mini Case Study: How to use humor in email marketing without bombing

Comedy's a double-edged sword and too often marketers get it wrong. Dunham's gets it right. Check out this mini case study to see how it's done.

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