Here are the most popular blog posts from the third quarter 2017:

  • Content Marketing Advice: Create more context for freelancers & agencies. If you're just handing some terms or topics to your content agency or freelancers and telling them to get to work, chances are good you're creating a workflow that produces unnecessary cycles and wasted effort. Here's an easy to implement way to stop doing that.
  • 2 Ways to Create Longer Content. I know from my own experience running my own brand journalism team and consulting with clients on running theirs that one factor challenging content creators is producing longer content quickly. Related: How to talk price.
  • 10 Steps for Sequential Story-Telling. Our goal as content marketers is to create a content arc that builds on what our audience needs to know as those needs evolve. Oh, and make it easy for them to find the next piece of content that meets their desire for more information. How do we do this? I'll show you how.

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