Essay writing can be one of the most challenging forms. Personally, I love it, but I'm weird like that. Because it's difficult, I ask all my coaching clients to create a swipe file of essays that speak to them. We talk about what makes them good and build a framework to base their writing on. This essay by Adam Lucas -- and, if I'm being honest, any essay by Adam Lucas in the last 31 days -- is in my swipe file.

Even if you don't like college hoops.

Even if you don't bleed Carolina blue.

Even if you cheer for Duke.

You should read this essay.

I could break it down using the 6 Traits, and maybe I will later. But right now, I don't want to view it clinically -- and I don't want you to, either. I ask you to simply read it. Sure, you might not be able to relate to every word, but just experience the power of someone writing well in a clear voice about something they care a lot about. Because that's all a powerful, effective essay is: a well-composed piece on something that matters to you and is presented from the heart.

Notice how it effects you -- especially if you're not a Carolina fan. Because that's the power. That's where the action is.

And if you are a fellow Tar Heel....How 'bout them Heels?!

Read Adam Lucas' column.

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