Our most-read posts of the quarter, served again in case you missed them.

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Write better faster

Writing is processing and processing is necessary work. Good work. But it takes time and it's messy. Here are some fast and effective strategies for going from good to effective as quickly as possible.


Be a better client

When you low-key fire or just plain neglect a contractor or agency, when you just let things go, there are ripple effects you might not have considered that affect your partner and your brand. Margot explains.


Are you violating a copyright?

Not being clear on copyright is dangerous. Even if you don't have a ton of assets that make you a viable candidate for a lawsuit, if a pissed off client gets in trouble for because you violated someone's copyright, they can at the very least never work with you again and tell all their colleagues to steer clear of you, too. That could end your career.