Content marketers and others writers were looking for concrete and easy-to-apply tactics for more effective communication in 2023. That's based on clicks and time-on-site data for The Word Factory blog. Word choice was the most popular topic on our blog last year, followed by my reflections on 30 years in business and general writing tips.

The number-one most read and shared post of 2023 -- by a country mile -- was about state-of-being verbs. I know! Such a wonky topic, but obviously one we need to talk more about. And I'll be doing that this year.

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Before we do the year in review, let's look at what caught your eye in Q4.

Top topics of Q4: Contronyms, apologies and the passive voice

Contronyms, a part of speech I was unaware of, garnered the most interest in the final quarter of 2023, followed by my essay on the insidious side of passive voice and a re-post on authentic apologies in the wake of Julianna Margulies' failed expression of remorse.

The most valuable advice of 2023

Drum roll, please! Here are the tips and topics that had the most value for our readers in 2023. Contronyms was the 10th most-read post of the year, followed by:

Thanks for reading our blog. It's gratifying to see people engaging with topics we care about, too.

Here's to a good year for us all!