Here's a great blog post on 12 ways to write a conference blog post from Alison Bolen with SAS' social media team. These are my favorites:

  1. Write a three-tips post based on the answers provided to a single question.
  2. Report on activities that are drawing crowds.
  3. Write about something new and innovative.
  4. Discuss your personal learnings and reflections.

These are great topics because they provide real value to a reader instead of just showing off that you, the writer, were there. Relevant posts are the best SEO tools and the best way to drive traffic to you. Use these handy strategies for writing yours.

Conference Blog Posts with the Idea-Details™ Strategy

This is great for quick posts because it keeps you focused on the most important stuff.

This downloadable will show you how to use the Idea-Details Strategy.

Craft Longer Posts with the Content-Purpose-Audience™ Strategy

The C-P-A is perfect for longer posts, especially if you're trying to express an opinion or prompt someone to act. One of the best things about it is that it forces you into thinking about why you're writing in the first place, and what your readers might be most interested in learning.

Download our Power of Your Ideas package to see the Content-Purpose-Audience in action.

Using these strategies will help you build informative, relevant posts quickly -- so you can cover more ground in less time!


Credit for the Idea-Details and Content-Purpose-Audience strategies goes to my talented husband, Steve Peha. © 1995-2012 Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc. Used by permission.