Whose idea was this?

Oh, how I wish this weren’t the only instance of idiocy at the creative table: Sci Fi Network is now Sy Fy. What? Richard Laermer, a major figure in the world of PR, positively rips the name change on Huffington Post today. You can read the screed here.

I don’t have any excuses, I mean reasons, why some creative “genius” thought Sy Fy was worth presenting to the client in the first place. But I do have something to add to Laermer’s list. Bad ideas often win out through force of personality. If the person/team presenting the idea is excited and authoritative enough – or just plain convincing enough – even the most hair-brained idea can win approval from the powers that be.

Here at The Word Factory, we put the client first and our egos second. If you’re interested in working with folks who’ll develop creative – and sensible – solutions to your communications problems, just drop us a line.

More FastTrac to the Future news

In other news, we’re excited to expand our participation in FastTrac to the Future by handling social media promotion for the event. We’ve designed a strategy for using social media channels (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter) to promote the event and related topics like entrepreneurism, Detroit economic development, etc. We’ve outlined a plan for engaging speakers and consultants to use their social media presence to spread the word, too. This is a great opportunity for us to create a case study for social media as a promotional tool, and we’re grateful for it.

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