I've fairly well cleared the decks this week to work on the college writing book. In our initial survey of college profs, we asked them to rank the writing traits their students struggle with (from most problematic to least):

1. Conventions (spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation)
2. Sentence fluency
3. Organization
4. Ideas
5. Word choice
6. Details
7. Voice

Profs also were utterly dismayed by their students' lack of research skills. I hadn't initially planned to write about that, but given the feedback, we've now added an entire chapter of proper research. Interesting!

We are doing a few other things this week, though:

* Claire and I will file the Charleston, WVa., Local Market for Architect.

* I'm researching a few upcoming stories for Match.com.

* Steve's preparing his posts for the National Journal and Rethink Learning Now blogs.

* I'm also working up an outreach strategy to deliver more MDs to a non-CME educational program for Talecris.

But mostly, I'll be hitting the book!

Have a great week!