Got a question from someone about how to content development for a blog-based series. A set of posts on a similar topic is a good content marketing tactic. The trick to creating a meaningful, engaging series is having a clear plan that's easy to execute. No surprise, I advocate using the Content-Purpose-Audience© and Idea-Details© strategies!

Building a blog series is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Start by getting a picture of the series:

  1. Know your audience. Who is your main target audience for your posts and what questions might they have on your topic? For more on audience, click here.
  2. Determine your purpose. Be as specific as possible about what you want readers to think or do after they read the series. To learn more about defining your purpose, read this.
  3. Develop your content. What's the most important thing you want to readers to learn from the series and what are the 5 details (examples, anecdotes, explanations, evidence) that support that? (To learn more about relevant details, click here) Be sure to answer a few -- not necessarily all -- of the questions your audience has.

This handy organizer, The Content-Purpose-Audience, will help you record your thinking.

Content-Purpose-Audience, annotated

copyright 1995-2011 Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc. Used by permission. (Click image for larger view)

This 15 to 20-minute process gives you the main framework for the series. Make sure your content supports both your purpose and your audience's need for information. If it doesn't, rework the problem areas. A bonus from using this process to plan the series is it can actually give you the outline you need for your first post, too! (Download a blank C-P-A organizer)

Writing blog posts

Next, plan the individual posts. Usually, you can use the key details from the C-P-A as the main idea for each post. To create each, you can do a C-P-A, which is especially helpful for reluctant writers or first-time bloggers. If you're comfortable writing, you can use just the Idea-Details to build out each post, like this*:

The Idea-Details Strategy

You can do an Idea-Details in about 5 minutes. (copyright 2011 TWF/TTMS). Click image for larger view.

* Here's the blog post that resulted from this Idea-Details: Just blog it!

Following these steps ensures you have a unified series that serves your purpose and is engaging to your audience.

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