In search of blog topics? How about writing a review of a relevant book you've just completed? It's a great way to show that you're staying up on the current literature in your field while being a good sharer of useful information. Here are two easy tools for writing a review:

1. The 5 Big Questions™

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This is a more qualitative format that bridges information-sharing and criticism. Using this tool, you can convey the most important things you think the author was trying to convey and their motivation for writing the piece, in addition to critiquing what made it a good read and what would have made it better. You can answer the questions in bullet form and then draft your piece, or answer them in short or long-ish answers and have your draft right off the bat! Here's an example: A review of Chris Brogan & Julien Smith's The Impact Equation.

2. The What-Why-How Strategy™

This is more of a just-the-facts-ma'am format, enabling you to list your take-aways (what you think), establish their relevance to you and others (why you think it) and include excerpts from the original prose (how you know). You can use the same process as above for getting to a draft, this time working across the tool to create paragraphs. (Download the organizer)

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Use these tools to create engaging blog content. Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below or emailing me directly.