Two examples of effective brand communications from the weekend, both seasonal.

The Kohl's Response to Adam Rippon's Instagram Post

Evidence of a social media team that's really paying attention on a Sunday night. The brand's response to Adam Rippon's post is authentic and a little sassy, just like the original post. Your take-away: Constantly monitor social media for mentions of your brand, automating as much of the monitoring as possible so you can focus on effective responses.

Adam Rippon's Kohl's parking lot shot

Grey Muzzle's Donor Valentine

I give to Grey Muzzle annually because I believe in the work it does. It can't be easy to produce all these personalized little Valentine's Day cards, but the effort tells me in a tangible way that the organization appreciates my support. Your take-away: Martech and automation are great, but sometimes the best personalization is the hand-made kind.

Grey Muzzle's hand-made donor Valentine

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