One of the most fun clients we have is the International Cinematographers Guild. That's the union of folks who shoot the ads, movies, tv shows, etc., we love. (It also includes publicists and unit photographers.) For years, I've looked forward to my assignment for the summer action cinema issue.

In the past, this special double issue has given me an opportunity to write about the history of the chase sequence (including stagecoaches, horses, cars and planes), the origin story of the comic book franchises, and the evolution of stunts. I've also covered specific projects in the genre, like the GhostBusters reboot, a G.I. Joe flick and one of the Star Trek movies. This year's assignment was a departure -- a kids' show featuring LatinX characters: Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion.

These assignments are a kick because it's cool talking to people doing something so creative and we all love looking behind-the-scenes. Plus, as a still photographer, I love learning about the making of moving pictures. And, to be honest, it's a nice break from the thought leadership and healthcare marketing work I mostly do. Important topics, of course, but we all need a little entertainment, too.

The magazine, which went to digital-only during COVID, covers lots of topics beyond the "see what your cool union sistren and brethren are up to" pieces. There's always something on safety, union benefits and gear. The editors try to cover social issues impacting the industry and the world, too. It's an effective editorial mix that meets members' needs and reflects their value (and values). Members love the magazine, and for many it's the primary way they interact with the Union outside of the transactional stuff.

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