Interesting story on Mashable this morning about folks getting online earlier in the day: What Comes First - Internet or Breakfast?

While I was training our anxious puppies, I had to give them calming pills before going for our morning walks. I’d jump online and check email or surf Facebook and Twitter while I waited for the drugs to kick in. Breakfast was two hours away. But now that the dogs are happy, calm walkers, they don’t get dosed and I don’t go online. I guess that makes me old school, because I do eat breakfast before opening the laptop these days.

Here’s what we’re working on this week:

● Steve and I are writing some content for the It’s Just Lunch affiliates in Connecticut, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Raleigh. If you’ve got a favorite place for lunch, email us the details: Restaurant name, address, URL and why it’d be a great place for a lunch date. Thanks!

● Steve’s working on his second post for the National Journal’s education blog. He’s the only person on the experts panel who doesn’t hold a high policy position. We’re super proud!

● Steve and I are giving a two-day workshop at Joy Charter School in Durham later this week. We’ll be introducing teachers to new ways of teaching writing across the curriculum, and a little bit of reading strategy, as well.

●I’m working on two RFP responses. One is to provide social media training in Ohio. The other is to create a social media outreach plan for a group in Detroit and help them learn to maintain it. Wish us luck!

●I’m also writing an article for UNC Healthcare on a cool program that helps medical students develop leadership skills.

● We’ve got two projects for the Carrboro Citizen. I’m researching my inaugural monthly business round-up, and Carolyn and I are putting the finishing touches on the Pets content. Look for us in the 20 August edition.

Guess I’d better get busy. Have a great week!