There's still time to get a good business holiday card out the door before the end of the season (which in my book, at least, is the first work day after New Year's). It's not a must-have, of course, but there are some good reasons to send a message at the close of the year.

3 ways business holiday cards benefit your business

Here are three ways to boost your brand with end-of-year outreach:

  1. Show empathy. A lot of folks are still feeling isolated, overworked and/or undervalued (thanks, COVID). A thoughtful note from someone -- even an organization -- creates empathy, reinforces connection and spreads goodwill. These feelings may also spur loyalty to your brand.
  2. Update your database. Keeping your customer and vendor contacts current can be a drag. Printed or digital holiday mailings enable you to update your database based on bounces and returns. And they create an opportunity for you to call people to verify their new addresses and deliver a merry message.
  3. Drive traffic to your site. While you should always include a link to your site, you can do more by creating animated digital holiday cards or short videos of staff sending some holiday cheer and hosting it on your site. When folks are done watching, they may be inclined to browse other pages.
This is a business holiday card Margot Lester designed in high school
My winning holiday card design from high school.

How to write business holiday card messages

It's a question for the ages: "What should I write in my company holiday card?" And this year, with awareness of bias and cultural appropriation high, you may be more concerned than ever. That's good. We need to be more aware of how the words and images we use impact others. Here are 5 thought-starters for your company holiday card message:

  1. Season’s greetings from all of us at [company name].
  2. We've enjoyed working with you and look forward to continued collaboration next year and beyond.
  3. Happy holidays and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.
  4. Sending you warm wishes at the close of the year and for a healthy and happy 2022.
  5. As we reflect on what it took to get through this year, we're especially grateful for your business/partnership.

Regardless of what you come up with, it's a good idea to vet it with several people from different backgrounds and life experiences than you. This is especially important if you're using humor in corporate holiday card ideas.

The Word Factory's 2014 corporate holiday card
An example of (Dad) humor in a business holiday card.

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