Back in the saddle after a long weekend away from the keyboard. Hope your Independence Day was grand.

Most of us are off today, but not me. This week’s going to be busy and I need to get a leg up.

I’m working on web copy for a local gourmet frozen treat retailer. Descriptive, informative, yet irreverent are my marching orders. Fun!

Steve and I are tweaking our social media/job search workshop for our July 25 date at FastTrac to the Future in Detroit. We’re adding more tips on determining which channel is best for your purpose. If you’ve got ideas, share ‘em and we’ll give you full credit.

Steve’s working on a couple more education essays. Here’s his latest op-ed in the Carrboro Citizen: Who’s Minding the School?

Claire and I are researching two projects. One is a look at postponed developments in the Las Vegas area. Another is a look at developers mixing disaster-resistant building practices with green-building.

Hope your week goes well. Let us know if you need to out-source any writing services, or want a consultation on PR/strategy. We’re busy, but not too busy for you!