A lot of us are living in heightened states of anxiety. Too much is bad. But a little anxiety can actually be put to good use.

I wrote this story for Hemispheres, United's in-flight, a couple years ago, but it seems like now, with the jobs news and other concerns, it might be worth revisiting. Here you go:

stress ball

Feeling tied up in knots? It might not be all bad.

Anxiety for Fun and Profit

Think about it. If you’re living an anxiety-free existence, you’re clearly not challenging yourself enough. But too much anxiety and you’ll break like one of Hendrix’s guitar strings, accomplishing nothing. “When you have just enough anxiety though,” says Robert Rosen, author of Just Enough Anxiety: The Hidden Driver of Business Success, “you have the productive energy you need to turn your thinking and feeling into positive action.” Click here to keep reading.

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