Steve and I have been talking a lot about some changes we want to make to this blog, and the site overall. The Word Factory -- always a model of Just-in-Time content, strategy and project management -- is evolving, and we want the site to reflect that.

We're going to do a complete redesign and ditch the white copy, even though I *do* love the look. Truth is, it's impractical when people want to cut and paste articles -- and we're so glad you do!

In response to your feedback, I'm retooling the blog strategy to include a few weekly features. The goal is to provide more "news you can use" in the form of models and tools. We're adding:

  • A weekly analysis of a great piece of writing
  • The "Strategy of the Week", which may be a writing tool or technique,
    a project management insight, etc.
  • Periodic mini case studies of people who're getting it right. "It" being
    a moving target.

We're investigating adding video content, too. That could be super exciting! We'll continue Today's Published Piece and the Big Monday updates, though the latter may be pre-empted for bonus posts.

I'm excited to get this project started, so we'll be rolling out new features starting next week. The redesign will take a little longer, but we expect to have it done by May Day.

Thanks for your continued support of the blog, the business and me personally. It means so much!