Here are the big throughlines running across the sessions I attended at Content Marketing World in Cleveland earlier this month:

Hire professional reporters. Trained journalists (like The Word Factory team) are vital for deeper, more credible content that includes authoritative and trusted external sources.

Focus on inspiring, not coercing or converting (per Jay Acunzo). True believers buy more, recommend more and influence more, creating more ROI for you.

And a corollary from Tequia Burt:

Stop creating content for personas and start creating content for people (per Bryan Kramer).

Get beyond easy labels and demographics, says Ardath Albee, to buyer's every-day behaviors, needs and feelings.

Group different decision-makers and influencers to identify the shared needs of all the people who participate in the decision to purchase, change, think, do, etc. (Also per Ardath)

Infuse more emotion, even in B2B content, because business people are still people with feelings and needs and aspirations. Scott Monty offers a question we should always ask before starting a content project.