When Mercury's in retrograde, communication can go a little haywire. Even if you don't believe in it, a bunch of your clients and colleagues do, so lean in!

In the early years of The Word Factory, we produced a monthly guest column for one of our clients that to run in a local parenting newspaper (remember those!?). Nancy, our client, built the production schedule around Mercury's retrograde, hoping to avoid snafus, typos and other issues related to communications. Did it work? Well, our project went off without a hitch for several years. Your results may vary.

It's unrealistic to NOT communicate during Mercury's return, but you can be more careful and intentional. Clarity and concision are particularly important alongside correctness/accuracy.

Here are some tips to reduce risk while communicating during Mercury's retrograde:

And if all this advice doesn't work, here's our advice for dealing with a mistake: