It's not about you.

I've heard myself saying this a lot lately, which means it's probably worth a blog post, too. It's too easy to focus solely on the outcomes we want instead of factoring in the people we need to achieve those outcomes. Even successful individuals and enterprises make this mistake in spite of themselves.

  • It's not what you want to sell, it's what your decision-makers/customers/clients/users want to buy.
  • It's not what you want to say, it's what your audience wants to hear.
  • It's not what you think people should do, it's what you can help them do.

How to focus on the right people

There's a boatload of ways to do this. The easiest one I've found is this simple T-chart, part of the People-Information-Goals™ Strategy:

Use it. Don't use it. But do something to get other people and their needs, beliefs/values and objections on your radar.

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