After the COVID hiatus, in-person conferences are back. I've been to two so far this year, the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference as an attendee and the Environmental Educators of North Carolina Conference as a presenter and attendee. This week, I'm presenting at the the National Association of Environmental Educators National Conference and week after next at the Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association Annual Conference. (There's a lot of interest in advocacy among the environmental educators, and I am literally and figuratively here for it! Click here to get the playbook.)

Besides doing what you need to to feel COVID-safe (including masking, which I do when not on the dais) and staying hydrated, here are some tried-and-true conference success tips.

4 Ways to Get the Most from Conferences

  1. Self-promotion without the ick factor
  2. Networking tips even if you hate networking
  3. Planning what to wear to a conference [Guest post]
  4. How to live-blog (or socialize) a conference