Yesterday I sat in on a Radian6 webinar hosted by my friend and neighbor (seriously, I can almost see his house from here) David B. Thomas and featuring Marketing Profs' Ann Handley talking about telling a story that isn't boring. Despite some technical glitches (which both Dave and Ann handled with humor), it was a useful session. (Here's a recap)

The chat bar was especially lively and some good sidebar conversations were had. Several folks wondered how to get non-writers, reluctant writers and others to help you produce content. Great question! And one we've made some progress in addressing.

How to get non-writers to write

Margot Carmichael Lester & Robert Brooks deBarrus Lester

These strategies are so easy even kids can use them!

If you're trying to get more people involved in content creation, check out our Smart Starts packet, which includes proven pre-writing tools that take a lot of the pain and suffering out of producing copy of all kinds. How easy are the strategies? They were developed for elementary school kids, who I've seen for myself can master them. So I'm confident even the most reluctant adult writer can, too!

Download the packet here: Then let me know what you think!

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