The Word Factory's Margot LesterEven if your official planning for next year is done, there are still some quick tasks you can to undertake improve performance in the New Year that won’t require additional budget. Today we launch a 3-part series.

2013 Content Marketing Planning Task 1:

Make a content marketing mission statement

I’m always asking about purpose:

  • What’s the desired response or result?
  • How do you want people to think/feel?
  • What should they do?

So many of us seem to undertake activities without knowing the outcomes we want. There are a lot of ways to get focused on your purpose. One good approach is Joe Pulizzi’ s content marketing mission statement. Like me, Pulizzi advocates knowing why you’re creating content before thinking about where to publish it.  His a simple, but really helpful, framework that instantly yields results. 

Pulizzi's framework:

  • The core audience target
  • What will be delivered to the audience
  • The outcome for the audience

I used it and in just a few moments came up with a handful of options before settling on one:

  • The core audience target: Communicators, content marketers and entrepreneurs
  • What will be delivered to the audience: Practical tips and strategies
  • The outcome for the audience: The knowledge and confidence to be more effective and achieve business/personal goals

The resulting mission statement:
The Word Factory blog provides practical tips and strategies to professional communicators, content marketers and entrepreneurs to give them the knowledge and confidence to be more effective and achieve business and personal goals.

Practical tips and strategies to give you the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

2013 Content Marketing Planning Action Step:

Use Pulizzi’s framework to create a 2013 social media mission statement for yourself, your department or your enterprise.

Next in the series: How to improve content relevance and audience engagement.