Alec Baldwin, Glengarry Glen RossCame across a couple of good posts this week about using content to drive the sales/buy cycle. Honestly, though, these are good ideas for content development in general, whether you're selling or not. Why? These tactics create relevance and action:

1. Meet audience needs

"According to a 2011 study by the Marketing Leadership Roundtable, buyers are on average 57 percent of the way through a purchase decision before they’re willing to engage a sales rep. This means that marketers must step up and act as the educator and thought leader by producing a wide variety of helpful content. Meeting the needs of buyers who are increasingly conducting their research via search and social also means developing more content for different points in the buying cycle, more content for different channels, and more content for the extra messaging paths and dynamic content options that today’s sophisticated marketers are building into their programs to respond to their contacts’ behaviors." SOURCE: Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing Triple Plays

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2. Answer questions

"Many bloggers and organizations are afraid to respond to customer inquiries. They think that customers will blithely buy from them if they don’t know about the dark side of their offering. The problem is that if you don’t respond to your prospects, there’s a good chance that other customers or, worse, your competitors will. In an age of transparency, it’s important to take control by answering these questions." SOURCE: Heidi Cohen, Is Your Blog (& Social Media) Content Too Self-Promotional

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