It will surprise none of you that quality was a hot topic at Content Marketing World 2016. After all, according to CMI/Marketing Profs data, producing quality content (stuff that's engaging and consistent) is a pain point for both B2B and B2C marketers:

a cool chart showing the challenges facing B2B content marketers a cool chart showing the challenges facing B2C content marketers







Quality takeaways from #CMWorld

Tip 1: Quality over quantity. Ayat Shukairy lays it out.


Tip 2: Set the standard. Bryan Rhoads suggests the bar.

Tip 3: Use insights to inform and deliver awesome. Doug Kessler on the seeds of quality content.

Tip 4: Deliver relevance. Andy Crestodina does that by focusing on questions.

The C-P-A mentioned in my comment isn't an accounting pro. It's the old abbreviation for what we now call the People-Information-Goals Strategy©, which we use to outline questions, objections and concerns the audience might have. Learn more about driving quality and relevance with questions.


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