One of the problems that plagues content marketers is creating relevant, effective content fast. It can make us feel like we're riding a bike on a high-wire, often with our hair on fire.

I pulled together a series of strategies and a process for managing reviews and approvals to help you:

  • Make content planning more efficient
  • Creates buy-in among key stakeholders
  • Create content that resonates, engages and gets results
  • Manage reviews and approvals so they don't get out of hand
  • Produce higher quality content faster
  • Keep you from pulling your hair out

Here's a quick review via a slide deck on content creation I used at the Insurance & Financial Communicators Association 2014 Annual Conference. This is an easy-t0-use 11x17 cheat sheet of content creation practices and strategies in action. And here's a very detailed package that includes step-by-step instructions for planning, writing and reviewing content faster.

Use these strategies to product content that meets both your business objectives and your audience's needs.