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A recent Demand Gen Report  survey asked respondents to identify the content types they rely on in each part of the funnel.  Case studies (79%), infographics (76%) and blogs (71%) are are highly valued throughout the buying process. Other editorial-based content like podcasts (preferred at the top of the funnel) and webinars (in the middle) also are preferred.

Another survey, this one from Grist, found that execs like these formats best:

Long-form content like white papers, ebooks and research reports, performed well.

What does this mean for you? This is good news for organizations invested in brand journalism and high-quality writing teams. Y'all can keep on doing what you're doing.

If that's not your team, stop scrimping on writing talent and resources! Whether it’s straight editorial in the form of written content, or text-driven marketing like infographics or scripted presentations, high-quality text drives business.

Here are three strategies to boost the quality of written content:

  1. Smart Starts: A handful of easy-to-use tools to help you capture and organize your ideas before starting to write.
  2. Big Revisions: A series of tactics to make writing stronger, tighter and better.
  3. Quality Standards: A set of criteria for describing and assessing quality so you can replicate it.

And check out this post to see how to streamline content production.

Reinvesting your time and effort in writing quality delivers value to B2B customers and prospects, which yields serious ROI.

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