Interesting article about the popularity of certain words in books in the latest HBR. In The Words We Use, HBR used a Google app to count instances of certain words in books. You won't be surprised that terms like "CEO", "management", "threat" and "thought leadership" are trending up.

I'm not going to tell you to avoid using these words, but I'm going to give you a task: Take a look at what you've written over the last few weeks and look for words you use repeatedly.

I'm not talking about utility words like "the", of course. Some terms might be inescapable. Jargon sometimes is required for credibility or as helpful short-hand. Or if you're writing about a product, it's hard not to mention it frequently.

For instance, when I did this, I noticed I'd been using "vital" and "asserts" a lot lately. Those will be easy to change up.

Now you try. Identify your word choice patterns and then see what you can do to freshen up your writing with a few new terms.

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