Your B2B & B2C CONtent Team

We write, write, write so you don't have to.

Our team of working journalists and corporate communicators consults with and creates content for global healthcare and consumer brands, medium-sized companies and start-ups to inform audiences, drive sales, build loyalty and trust, and advance performance.

Clients bring us on to:

  • Own or manage content verticals
  • Launch, resurface/update or feed verticals and entire content libraries
  • Expand in-house capacity or provide expertise unavailable internally
  • Fill staffing gaps at the writer, editor and project manager level
  • Provide editorial leadership and guidance for brand newsrooms and content marketing teams and projects

Scroll down to learn more about the different types of content we create for our clients.

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Brand Journalism

Branded Blogs & Articles

We use our decades of professional researching, sourcing and writing/editing skills to nail one-off assignments, ongoing initiatives or a major undertakings including thought leadership, advocacy and issues management.

Content Marketing

Case studies, web & mobile writing

Content marketing assets take many forms and we're good at all of them. We create copy for your site or your app, construct company descriptions and staff bios, and craft case studies. And we've been doing it for big brands and tiny start-ups since before your favorite intern was born.

Long-form Assets

White Papers, eBooks & Books

Long-form content is favored by customers who want to learn more or purchase, and by content marketers who want to establish credibility and trust. But these assets require a lot of time and expertise to produce. Turn it over to us.


Evergreen SEO

Updates, revisions and increased search relevance

Get better ROI with historical optimization. Refresh key aspects of existing content that drive organic and support paid search. It costs less than creating brand new content and takes advantage of establish search relevance and updated key terms.

Complex Content

Research & Technical Writing

Need someone comfortable with medical and scientific terminology, academic research or  technical documentation? We've got you covered with an on-staff MD and experienced academic and tech writers. 

Editorial Services

Revising, Editing & Proofreading

Writing is only part of telling your story. Well-crafted and current content is key.  Our experienced newsletter, magazine, newspaper and book editors makes your writing even more effective. We’ve got AP Style down and can learn your brand and industry standards fast.

Sales Support

Brochures, sell-sheets & sales aides

Your sales team deserves awesome content, too. We’ve created print and digital content for a range of companies and industries, including those in the complicated tech  and heavily regulated medical and pharma sectors.

Visual Content

Infographics & Presentations

Infographics and presentations require a blend of solid research, potent writing and excellent design. We produce visual content that shows and tell without requiring a magnifying glass or endless scrolling.

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From Our Clients

Margot and her team at The Word Factory are a content director's secret Swiss Army Knife when it comes to useful and thoughtful written content. She is a talented and well-connected journalist as well as a detail-oriented editor and cultivator of strong writers. At a time when many brands and sites settle for "unique" content to clear the lowest bar of SEO needs, Margot and her team deliver work of a higher caliber, full of credible sources, great data, stylish word-smithing and brand voice.

Shawn Peters

Former Creative Director, Staples

Margot's brilliant understanding of the decision-making process makes her a top communicator of complex ideas that need to be polished for human consumption. Her word-smithing skills are second to none and her ability to engage her reader with both passion and information makes her the best at what she does. Would hire, work with, and recommend to anyone.

Brent Berger

President, Creative Studio B