Business and politics don't always mix, as we saw from the L.L. Bean/Donald Trump ruckus. While political contributions by members of a board may be hard to control -- as is the public response to those -- business advocacy for causes is both a moral/ethical and strategic decision.

You probably saw how Lyft lived its corporate values by making a donation to the ACLU in the wake of the President's executive order on immigration. Uber, which has frequently chafed progressives, issued its own response, but too late and then made it worse with what appeared to be a strike-breaking decision. (Read more about the #deleteuber campaign here).

If you want to advocate for something as a business owner or as a business, use this strategy to plan your statement. This is the tool we use with our business and nonprofit clients to help them think through their position and state it clearly and effectively for the right audience.

Flip through the slide deck, the download the strategy (with examples) for better advocacy writing:

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