Our in-house MD, Ben Hippen, has been creating visual content related to the novel coronavirus. We're sharing it here with the hope that it helps you feel more informed and safer. If you find the content useful, feel free to post any of the assets (or the links to them) on your social channels.

COVID-19 explainer videos

Ben shot these in his home studio covering questions he's been getting from friends and colleagues. He posts new ones periodically, so it's worth subscribing to the playlist to avoid missing any.

Sharable link: https://bit.ly/COVID-19_Questions_and_Answers

Click here to get Dr. Ben's answer to coronavirus questions.

Heroes Wear Masks memes

Ben collaborated (remotely, of course) with our creative director, Marc Borzelleca, on memes to encourage the wearing of masks. We've been sharing them socially for the last week. Help us spread the word?

Shareable link: https://bit.ly/HeroesWearMasks

Click image to download one or both of these socially optimized memes.
#wearamask #heroeswearmasks #masks4all

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