I'm still sort of blown away that clients come to me saying, "We need a blog", yet when I ask them what they want to accomplish with it, the answer is always some form of "Everyone else is doing it." Um, no. That is not a valid reason.

This is like the old days when everyone needed a brochure. The sense was, if everyone else is doing it, we should do it, too. Now, I'm not saying no to blogging. But I'm saying no to blogging or tweeting or brochures that have no clear link to marketing or operational goals. Especially when money's tight. It's tough to draw a straight line from these activities to revenues, but it shouldn't be hard to know or show how they can help support revenue generation.

A clear purpose. It seems so obvious. If it's not, try using our handy Content-Purpose-Audience strategy™. It forces you to think through any project quickly but meaningfully so you can evaluate whether it should be done or not. (Want more on the CPA? Click here to download an entire packet)


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