In the last 10 days, I've made five presentations and attended the Social Media Lunch in Seattle. I gave out a ton of business cards, as did most people I networked with.

Despite the prevalence of information about us all that's easily accessible on the Internet, a lot of folks still want to meet in person, and still want to exchange business cards. I can't fathom walking out the door to go anywhere (even the grocery store) without at least one card in my pocket. I keep some in my car. And I give them out like candy on Halloween. Why?

To me, these humble pieces of paper still carry a lot of value. Cards are a cheap and easy way for people to remember they met me, maybe visit this site or email me. It may help them pass my card on to someone who needs my services. It's also a handy note card.

But I noticed a handful of folks at every event who had no cards -- either because they forgot to bring them or they didn't have them at all. Some seemed genuinely bummed they had none to offer. But a few didn't seem to care. When I asked them why, they allowed that business cards are a dying trend. I was surprised to hear that. Are you?

Do you think cards are dying?