Updated June 2023

In honor of Earth Day, here's some eco-friendly content we've crafted for clients. These articles are full of green business tips and provide a great example for how to reuse established content for a new opportunity. That's what I call putting the green back in evergreen content.

a pretty jonquil with creamy white petals and a bright green center illustrating a post on evergreen content for Earth Day

How to Create an Eco-Conscious Plan for Your Business | Staples

“With such limited resources, small businesses have to be innovative when it comes to cost savings and turning a profit,” explains Amanda Komar, Green Plus program manager for the Redwoods Group Foundation in Morrisville, NC. “Implementing eco-conscious practices helps you save money and make money, improves your brand, and sets you up not only to be environmentally sustainable, but financially sustainable, as well.” That’s why it pays to create an eco-plan for your small enterprise. Here’s how.

Rethink Recycling for Your Small Business | Staples

Reducing office waste can cut your disposal costs if you operate in a community that charges more for trash pickup than recycling, or issues fines for placing recyclables in trash containers. You might also benefit from rebates associated with take-back programs, which lower replacement costs. And that's just the beginning. Read more.

So You Want to Walk to Work? | Staples

Tips for hitting the bricks for Walk to Work Week.

An Staples infographic sharing data on walking to work and tips for making your walk easier.